Which is the Best KidKraft Dollhouse? So Many Fantastic Choices!

Top KidKraft Dollhouses

KidKraft is one of the most beloved dollhouse brands, and the company has been around since 1968. Known for their quality, durable wooden dollhouses, this brand is one that provides a variety of toys and furniture, but the brand grew to be a household name on the back of their unique dollhouses.

Chances are, your mother or grandmother had a KidKraft when they were younger.

Fast forward nearly 50 years, the Dallas-based company is one of the top wooden doll house designers and is still an industry leader. The best dollhouses under the brand today are:

Sparkle Mansion

sparkle mansion - kidkraft dolls houseThe Sparkle mansion is huge. This dollhouse has a very unique, modern look with 4 floors, a gliding elevator, a backyard grill and a swimming pool, too. Kids will find that there are 30 pieces of furniture to keep them occupied, and the six rooms will provide space for every doll.

Easy to assemble, the Sparkle Mansion offers detailed backdrops that makes all rooms come to life.
Large enough for more than one kid to play at a time, this model can be enjoyed for years. Fit for a princess, sparkles can be seen on the roof along with the pink, silver and black color scheme.

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So Chic Doll House

So Chic doll's house - kidkraft wooden dollhouseWith a name like So Chic, you know that this dollhouse must ooze elegance. A modern home, this model can fit Barbie dolls with ease, or any other doll up to 12” in height for that matter.

And what’s really amazing about this model is that it comes packed with 45 furniture pieces.

Kids will have more than enough furniture to play with and customize their home. And they’ll be able to play with this home from all angles thanks to all of the open sides. If two kids can play with dollhouses, there is more than enough space available.

Heavy at 68 pounds, this is a sturdy, durable dollhouse that will last ages.

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Kayla KidKraft House

kidkraft kayla dollhouse 65092The Kayla stands 45” tall and is large enough for multiple kids to play with at one time. Able to fit dolls of up to 12” in height (perfect for Barbie dolls), this dollhouse will provide years of fun with a charming look and beautiful use of pastel colors.

Three stories high, this home has five large rooms and a full staircase.

Ten pieces of beautifully-colored furniture is included, and the exterior of the home is exceptional. Beautiful flower arrangements and balconies make this one of the most aesthetically-pleasing dollhouses on the market today.

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Magnolia Mansion

kidkraft magnolia mansion 65839The Magnolia offers a beautiful pink roof and stands over 46” tall (just under 4 feet), allowing for a majestic appearance. Three stories in height, this mansion comes equipped with an elevator that helps residents get to their luxurious rooms.

And 13 pieces of furniture along with a lamp that actually lights up will capture the imagination of every child.

Dolls of 12” in height can fit in the mansion. The shutters and roof are pink with beautiful painted flowers hanging over the windowsills to make this mansion a must-have for the chic, high-style little girl in your life.

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Savannah Dollhouse

Savannah Dollhouse - wooden dollhouse reviewsCharming from every angle, this dollhouse is large enough for multiple kids to play at one time. Featuring a staggering four floors, there is room for the whole family in the Savannah. Six rooms in total are present as well as a large outdoor patio for entertaining.

Dolls of up to 11.5” can fit inside of the home.

All of the windows are large, and there are 13 furniture pieces included for your convenience. In some rooms of the home, the walls also include furniture items, such as a chair or a sink in the bathroom area, adding to the realism of the Savannah.

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Majestic Mansion

Majestic Mansion Dollhouse - Best KidKraft dollhouseThey don’t make dollhouses like they used to, but the Majestic Mansion aims to change all of that. This home is made with 100% wood, allowing it to last a lifetime. With eight rooms in total, kids will have no problem filling the dollhouse with half a dozen dolls.

And 34 pieces of furniture ensure that every room has its own unique décor.

Functional garage doors allow the dollhouse to come to life, and there is also a staircase as well as an in-door elevator. Dolls up to 12” in height will be able to fit inside the Majestic Mansion with ease.

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My Dreamy

KidKraft My Dreamy DollhouseThe My Dreamy is fun, elegant and affordable. Standing just under 4 feet in height, this mansion is great for more than one person at a time, and its movable window shutters make the home one of the most realistic on the market.

A gliding elevator brings dolls to the top floor of the home, and some of the 14 furniture pieces included make noise and light up, making them a vital part of each room.

Four bedrooms and two balconies are spread across three floors to make this a large and elegant dollhouse that will spark the imagination of any child.

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Chelsea Doll Cottage

KidKraft 65054 - Chelsea DollhouseThree stories of fun, the Chelsea is the perfect choice for a first-time owner of a dollhouse. The perfect gift for kids, this dollhouse is 4 feet in height, which is great for smaller kids that may not be tall enough to reach the top floors of previously-listed models.

The Chelsea also comes with 17 pieces of furniture that can be used for future dollhouses, too.

Two staircases allow you to access other areas of the home, and the windows are fully functional with opening and closing abilities. Dolls of up to 4” in height can fit in this dollhouse (too small for Barbie dolls).

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KidKraft Uptown Dollhouse 65833The Uptown provides luxury and style into a six-room, three-floor home. This dollhouse is made from wood, so you know it will last a long time with the right care. Colorful and fun, this dollhouse has lights and sounds that bring it to life.

When it comes time to cool off in the summer, a dip in the pool will help dolls feel refreshed.

In total, 35 accessories are included to decorate your home. Colorful artwork fills the home’s walls, and Barbie dolls can fit in this home with ease.

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Elegant Manor

Elegant Manor - KidKraft dollhouse reviewsWhen you imagine a manor, you think elegance and grandeur, and this dollhouse doesn’t disappoint. The Elegant Manor stands 5 feet, four inches tall, making it one of the largest dollhouses on our list.

Dolls of up to 18” in height can fit comfortably in the manor, and the two staircases allow dolls to access all three floors of the home.

Artwork provides a splash of color and life to the home’s four, over-sized rooms. There are 12 pieces of jumbo-sized furniture included, too. A large balcony off of the third floor is present and allows kids to overlook their estate.

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Frozen Snowflake Mansion

KidKraft Disney Frozen Snowflake Mansion DollhouseBring the Frozen movie to life with the Frozen Snowflake mansion. Elsa and Olaf will come to life in this oversized mansion that is 50.4” x 18.9” x 6.8” in size. Dolls up to 12” in height can comfortably fit inside, and there are 19 pieces of beautiful furniture included to make this mansion a home.

The mansion is three floors high and features nine rooms.

An icicle chandelier is present on the third floor along with an icy throne that brings the movie to life. Snowflakes and hues of purples and blues make this home a true Frozen palace that is great for all kids that love the iconic film.

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Frozen Ice Castle

Disney Ice Castle DollhouseDisney’s Frozen movie was a major hit, and even though the movie is a few years old, kids still flock to it. The Frozen Ice Castle is smaller in size compared to our previous Frozen model, but it can still fit dolls up to 12” in height.

The icy throne and chandelier are included, and this castle also comes with 11 furniture pieces to be able to decorate a true Frozen castle.

Beautiful artwork adorns the castle’s walls, and the use of blues really makes the castle look frozen in time. With three floors and five rooms, there is more than enough room for kids to have fun in this castle.

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